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Newsletter Newtek - Lightwave 3D - octobre 2016

This month we shine the spotlight on a pretty awesome project : LightWave 3D Artists and Directors of the ESAA Aquitaine, an Applied Arts school near Bordeaux – France, Olivier and Laurent Giboulot share with us an interesting 3D project recently made for Westside, a French company that offers a selection of products from the cycle to urban skating. Using the power of LightWave 3D, they create a realtime application that let’s you build and custom from scratch your bicycle. Go behind the scenes and see how LightWave 3D helped creating this 3D configurator.

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Hi Olivier and Laurent ! Thank you for joining LightWave 3D for this interview ! You are the directors of the ESAA Aquitaine, an Applied Arts school near Bordeaux - France. Can you tell us a little more about you, your background and the type of 3D productions and projects do you specialize in ?

We are the school’s directors and teachers 24/7 since 2004 and we also work as freelancers for different kind of 3D projects in what little time remains... Architectural visualization, object design, 3D printing, advertising or simulations. Olivier has used LightWave 3D during last 5 years in combination with Rhinoceros 3D (the best duo !), to draw technical pieces and moulds for ceramic industry. For some years now, our practice has evolved from pictures to object design and real-time. We try to think ourselves as generalists or Swiss Army knives... Our school’s system has also been thought out and developed as a polyvalent way of learning rather than area of specialization. For that purpose, Lightwave 3D is a great illustration and conception tool and may be the most efficient and affordable software to create pictures or design objects.

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